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    Urbanisation- changed functions in a town gracef10

    Do u have a sample answer on an Irish town which functions have changed over time?

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      Here you go Grace

      Navan, Co. Meath

      Navan was originally a monastic settlement and then when the Normans invaded, it became a walled defensive town. After that period, due to its location and the many passing traders, it became a market town for the surrounding region. In 1977, with the opening of Tara Mines, the function of Navan changed to mining, which provided much employment in the area. In addition to this, the town of Navan is a satellite town to Dublin City.

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      Thanks so much! Wish I'd discovered your notes before now!

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      Do u know if there's any more functions of Navan, as the question asks for 3 different functions?

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      That does have three functions? Historic function, market function and mining function.

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      Oh alright k, thanks

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