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    What did ye think of the geography exam? jackkfleming

    I feel like there was a good bit of stuff that hadn't come up in a while, didn't really like it. Hated the features question but at least I answered it well ://

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      rubbish paper! everyone coming out of the exam was unhappy about it.It was mostly just around economic activites and didn't expand on it at all. and nothing i studied came up because i studied geography....

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      Hated it!! Only long question I could do was question 5 maps!! I thought question 3 had so bad choices! Does anyone know what individual migration is??

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      Wow I felt it was a good one there was a bit too much economic activities I will agree but you should never study what you think will come up

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      Its basically a person moving on their own, but its not in any geography books so it was kind of a shit question

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      The good news is that they will probably change the marking scheme and throw marks at you.

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      How could you even study individual migration though??

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      Yeah I was thinking we never studied it!! How could they ask a question that wasn't on the curriculum :/

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      i think individual migration is like an irish person moving to england for a job or college

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      what questions did y'all do?

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      i did 2,4 and 5

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      Nothing I studied for came up. No chemical/mechanical weathering, volcanoes, coastal deposition or erosion. Best I can hope for is a C...

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      2,3,4 and 5

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      Thought it was easy I did 1 4 5

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      And 2 aswell

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      1, 2 and 5

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      i was barely finished my 3 questions!

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      No mixture at all. Short Questions were dominated by physical geography and then vice versa for the long questions. Horrible.

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      yeah wasn't a fair paper at all.I was able to answer the questions given...but just about.Shouldnt have given us questions that was not on the curriculum. My teacher spent 6 months on rivers and coasts...din't even come up hahahahah.

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      I think I was the only one in my year who came out of the exam happy thank god I studied the individual migrations and the Aswan dam scheme system suited me!

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      Short questions were the easiest I ever did.

      Long questions though were quite tricky. I did Q2, 4 & 5.

      Q1 was horrible. Only thing that came up as predicted by me on this is the Karst landscape.

      Q2 was alright and I predicted B&C correctly. A was different though - it was a variation of the climatic factors that last came up in 2013 which I studied for this exam. Overall, I wasn't disappointed with this question.

      Q3 was mostly awful. The only thing that came up here that I predicted was factors that influence the rate of population change. Individual migration? Like what? I never studied individual migration before, only organised migration.

      Q4 was a mix. My only problem was the Urban Sprawl one. Everything else was fine.

      Q5 was grand, it was as predicted by me.

      Overall, not a bad paper.

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      I think the short questions were very easy and provided no difficulty

      In section 2

      Q1 was fair enough

      Q2 was fair

      Q3 some parts were fine but others difficult

      Q4 i avoided completly

      Q5 the bay was tricky and the built up area for the sketch map but other than that it was ok

      I did Q 1,2and 5

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      individual migration was on our geo bookI. It just wasn't titled "individual migration" example a person from west of ireland moving to dublin

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      Yeah I know NOW what individual migration is, the push and pull factors! Why couldn't they just say that... luckily I didn't do Q3 though.

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      Think it was grand , did 3,4, and 5. Had all of the stuff studied before hand and knew it well.

      One thing was the sketch map how did yis draw the built up area of the town?

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      And the measuring the distance, 6.4 or 7.5 ? Think I messed up there

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      It was 7.5

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      Yeah if you looked at the key for the os map it read 2cm=1km

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      jacob lehane

      Short questions were very easy but the long questions were absolutely ridiculous nothing on seas rivers volcanoes or anything came up or soils or anything like that everything I studied was on the short questions and it was absolutely impossible to do the long questions with the options we were given. I honestly made up so so so much stuff hopefully they'll give me marks for creativity though because I didn't fail because of the short questions I know that much . The questions were so badly mixed and awfully worded it was a really unfair paper

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      I initially panicked because i mainly studied for physical landscape and not much came up regarding that, but a lot of stuff about urbanisation and population and stuff came back to me so I'm quite chuffed to be honest!

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      I did 3,4 and 5

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      @EH458 Yeah I did 3,4 and 5. I think the paper was really easy tbh.

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      I kinda maybe went overboard a little

      Aka I got extra paper

      Aka one question was like 5 pages


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      I was about to cry when I saw the paper as i mostly studied physical geography. 😂 I did question 5 first to calm me down a little and then I went on and done 4 and 3

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      Worst paper ever, nothing I studied came up on the long questions apart from Q5 :(

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      Michelle Uwakk

      Geography was the worst paper nothing i predicted came up.

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      The short questions were so easy !! I thought that the long questions were grand , q1 was bad so I didn't do it , I did 2,3,5 os maps was one of the best questions and in my book individual migration was covered

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      It wasent that great of the choice but i studied those sections was surprised not a lot of physical came up I was gonna depend on that

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      I did q 2,3,4,5

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      Twas pure simple

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      I have the new geo jc book since first year and it had a case study of individual migration from the west to Dublin so found that grand

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      In the new geo book they have individual migration from the west to Dublin that was grand

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