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    What do i need to know about the restless atmosphere ive a test tomorrow Hajarel


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      the formation of volcanoes, fold mountains and earthquakes

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      Sarah that's not the restless atmosphere hahaha.

      I'd advise you Hajarel to go over

      - Isolines (Isobars, isohyets, isohels, isotherms)

      - ONE type of rainfall (Relief, convection or cyclonic / frontal - choose 1 and describe in detail)

      - Weather elements (Rainfall, sunshine, temperature, wind etc and know how it's recorded, instrument etc)

      - Depression / Anticyclone

      - Warm AND cold front formation

      - The Coriolis Effect

      - Directions

      - The Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming (Formation, impacts, solutions)

      - Prevailing wind definition

      - Ocean currents (know whether they are cold or warm (the clue is the direction of the arrow, so like North = Cold)

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      Are u sure u need to know one because they have asked specifically

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      On types of rain

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      Please give me an example Adam. I haven't seen that yet. I have seen this question twice:

      With the aid of a labelled diagram, explain the formation of one type of rainfall.

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      2012 sec 2 q 1 A

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      oh haha wrong chapter sorry :)

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      Oh... thanks Adam for that. Then correction ALL three types of rainfall!

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