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    Junior cert German's higher level reading comprehensions Lilachermione

    Does anyone know how to pick out key info from reading comprehensions to answer with? If they do please tell me because I seem to always lose marks on the reading comprehensions.

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      roseanne Healy2014

      reading comprehensions are always very difficult. Revise the verbs regular and irregular in present and imperfekt tense.

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      just practice verbs and vocab im lucky i have a brilliant german teacher and close to fluent german, because of my background, but to brush up i do revise vocab also practice comprehensions with the marking scheme which will guide you into answering the questions with the correct detail

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      Pick out vocabulary you don't know and learn it. Practise questions and read. Find the words you know I'm a sentence and then add it all up together. Also learn grammar too.

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      Vocabulary is the key.

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