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Any good vocab notes for German??
SarahMolly Junior Cert German — 20/11/16 5

Need some vocabulary notes that I can go over for the listening :P

Niamh_6617 — 16/06/16
look over the directions as a question comes up every year. another recurring question is recipes so look briefly over vegetables and food, be able to recognize them.
Whocares — 16/06/16
What are the directions to learn
SarahMolly — 16/06/16
Thank you! :)
izzr — 08/11/16
Whocares turn to the next left and then straight on all them kind of things
IrishJuniorCert — 20/11/16
Directions include left, right, straight ahead, etc. You'll also need to know the name of the building they're going to. Listen to the past tapes yourself, it's worth ~40% of the test so it's worth going over.
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