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    help! Lauren_mca

    Has anybody any goos tips on remembering Modal Verbs and Perfect stuck!!

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      Get the first letter of each modal verb and make an acronym for yourself e.g. mogen, durfen, wollen, konnen,sollen and mussen can be : Sarah MUst Do MOre WorK (each capital stands for a modal verb, except MU=mussen and MO= mogen). For the perfect verbs, I would say to go on (sorry about no umlauts)!!

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      Thank you!, yeah ill try it now :)

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      Just associate them with actual real life things (durfen -> imagine you asking someone and saying 'darf ich??!!', etc.) instead of matching them up with the english words. if you learn by matching them up with the english then you will have to translate everything from english to german in your head which slows you down instead of achieving fluency. If thats not what you meant by the question and you just need to remember them to write them all down at once, just use what deedunny said.

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