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    1916 Account AJRH

    Can someone post up an account on 1916 because I can't seem to get a full one from exam it or anywhere on the computer?

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      Chekk it, you has come to the right place.

      iiighttt, listen up. Michael McCollins. We has all heard the name but who really was this geezer? Was he the son of a dangerous druglord? Was he brought up in Congo? Did he hate the Queen because she stood him up at Wrights one time?

      The answer to all of these questions is yes. Michael was a full time playya, and just like me bro Waka Flaka, he goes hard in the paint iightt. Now for real, when the British chavs came over from France they has only one thing on they mind; Go visit Cairns pub in Drogheda (shout out to me main man Bosco for keeping it lit. Respect) and after that they was wanting to make every farmer in the country bow down to the queen. Madd? So McCollins calls up his mate.

      Michael: Yo Dev, everything arriightt?

      Dev: Uno me, staying at home smoking me own home grown.

      Michael: Respect, you has heard the news?

      Dev: Talkin bout?

      Michael: Yo the Brits want to invade us initt

      Dev: Mick, get the squad. Do we have any pipebombs left...?

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      Jeez you're funny swaggyc

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      For real, you has to be a unionistt?

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