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2016 exam !!! Predictions ?
No11 Junior Cert History — 14/06/16 6

Does qnyone know what people in history questions are likely to come up this year I was thinking Washington or Shakespeare ?

conn123 — 14/06/16
Rome and 1916
No11 — 14/06/16
Does anyone have a short essay about an archaeologist at work
ندى_5604 — 14/06/16
Archaelogist came up last year, not likely to come again tomorrow
No11 — 14/06/16
What ones should I learn for tomorrow
Anna34xo — 14/06/16
rome martin luther early christian ireland renaissance painter / renaissance painter outside of ireland columbus a settler who received land in a plantation (ulster)
Ellie_8695 — 14/06/16
anyone know if a conquistadore might be asked tomorrow ?
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