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6(C) and 6(D) prediction????
predictionsaf Junior Cert History — 14/06/16 6

I'm pretty sure the NICRA could be coming up but what other accounts would people predict to be coming up for those two questions?

mcmahon50 — 14/06/16
id say 1916 rising for the year that's in it, also Eamonn and Fianna Fail hasn't come up in a good while. good luck!
Anna34xo — 14/06/16
6. c) 1916 Rising Civil War 1922-1923 Economic War 32-38 Mother and child scheme 1951 Civil Rights Movement in Ireland
predictionsaf — 14/06/16
thank you!!
Anna34xo — 14/06/16
im not 100% sure , but those are ones that haven't come up in a while so theres a big chance they'd come up :))
Mickaela_sadlier — 14/06/16
whats the mother and child scheme?
Cross.Phx — 14/06/16
Free healthcare for children under 16 and mothers
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