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    Dilemma Zozosmithy

    Getting exam papers for history, not to sure weather to do higher or ordinary. My teacher suggested higher, but I do not think I will be able for it as I find History hard. What should I do???

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      Well I think you should try higher and if you still find it difficult drop down to ordinary well that is what I did but I did not need to drop down

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      Teachers usually advise you to try higher level for as long as you can as it can be more beneficial to you. However, try higher level maybe until after the Mocks and if you're unhappy with your result, just choose ordinary for the Junior.

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      Thanks I have got a mixture of both higher and ordinary but doing higher questions in class

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      I think that you should maybe start off with the higher level and see how you go but definitely if you are struggling with it or think you are doing better in ordinary level choose ordinary level for the junior cert.

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