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    Help... I need history study tips Maia

    I want to do well in my jc but just there is so much to learn! I don't know what to do! Anybody have any study tips for history?

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      Write out people in history sample answers that are in your book. They have most of the facts that you need to know for those specific topics! 😀😀:)

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      flash cards are the best

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      Rewrite your notes and make up questions use studyclix to view topics and u will see repetition on the short answer questions hope this helps

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      Try watching Horrible Histories and videos on YouTube. The Martin Luther rap is very helpful when studying the Reformation.

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      Have a small notebook (maybe the size of a soft copy) with all of the definitions of the key words, people and dates (essentially a dictionary). Write in a few key words after each history class, usually write in the new terms learned during that class.

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      create diagrams and ladders for documenting timelines eg. Martin Luther.

      learn in bullet points become sentences.

      use review questions in your book

      look at

      find common asked q's

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      super x

      start with q's that are worth the most marks don't start with q1 and highlight key terms in exam for the examiner to read and write out key terms related to topics you are asked and write a sentence on each

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