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    Industrial and Agricultural Revolution Pheer

    How are you meant to study this section? Its one of the hardest on the whole course and its probably coming up this year

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      Revise it in your book and then try some past questions

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      Leave notes with key words and descriptions on doors and switches around your house, you will subconsciously be taking in and learning this info for ex. Jethro Tull-Seed Drill.

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      Tbh this isn't that hard. Just suck it up and learn the notes

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      11ND - CCM

      You're a right donkey do ya know that?^ haha.. You seem to not understand that some people have trouble with some stuff, and we can't all be as perfect as you.

      In reference to the post, I'd say try to learn the housing conditions (always comes up), the conditions in factories OR mines, the inventions in agriculture (reaper, seed drill) and never a bad idea to look up the transport (canals, trains, roads) revolution as it tends to fall under this too

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      ^I know some people don't understand certain topics as well but if you learn it well, it's quite easy to remember a lot of the most important notes. Just saying

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