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    Irish Plantation MysticManiac

    Could any1 tell me the main keypoints about the plantation of Ireland please. I have my summer exam in 3 days and ik nothing about it. Also, one of the people of history we need to study is about a "person who gets land in the Irish plantation". Could someone tell me the main points about them too?

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      ammm... I think the main points would be the causes and consequences of each plantation (who planted it, why, what the results of the plantation were, how it affected the people)... And for your people in history essay focus on these points:

      Type of planter, who they were, (English and Scottish landowners (UNDERTAKERS) OR Englishmen and Scots who worked for the government in Ireland. Many were soldiers (SERVITORS) OR Gaelic landowners who stayed loyal to the king (LOYAL IRISH), How much land the person got, What rent they payed to the king, What they had to build, Who they could rent land to, and what they promised to do. Also you could write a short paragraph on the landowners struggle with the rebellious Gaelic Irish? Hope this helped! :D x

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      Alright. Thanks :)

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      No probs :) x

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      Finished my Summer Exam. Really helped :)

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      Got 67%, quite good considering it's one of my weaker subjects

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      Didn't do well on the Plantation part, but still, I would've done even worse without the information. Thanks

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