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People in history
by Philip Madden Junior Cert History — 4d ago 6

What people in history essays are the most common to come up in past paper exams and which ones are worth learning?

irish3202 — 08/10/17
history is so predictable if you look in exam papers it shows exactly what questions came up what years so that might make it easier to know what to study
Paul James — 09/10/17
An explorer and a named reformer
Eoin_2501 — 19/11/17
A leader in the struggle for Irish Independance 1900-1922 hasnt come up recently so that may come up
GM02 — 28/11/17
typical philip
Studyforlife123 — 02/12/17
the ones from the previous years most likely wont come up again
Hannahfinn90 — 4d ago
hi dose any one have a people history a monk living in a monastery in early christian ireland message my if u do thank u so much ��
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