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    People in History! Nicola1998

    Does anyone have predictions for people in History for this years junior cert of for any other questions on the paper?

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      Deffo Study the Archaeology POH , Came up 5 or 6 years in the last ten .

      Also , WW2 , and Irish History

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      Can I ask what's POH stand for?

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      The questions I'm hoping for and think are likely to come up are Archeologist, Ancient civilization and Plantation

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      I'd say you are a early certain for the Cold War to come up in q6.d because it comes up nearly every year and it didn't come up last year!!

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      Possibly , someone in plantation, a revolutionary (george washington), renaisseance artist (leonardo de vinchi)

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      Possibly , someone in plantation, a revolutionary (george washington), renaisseance artist (leonardo de vinchi)

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      in reply to sophie-park,mystic mania. ....... why do you think plantations will come up? it came up in q5 last year

      i have a strong feeling the revolutions will come up

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      Just cus a question comes up in a DIFFERENT long question, doesn't mean it won't come up in another. Plantations won't come up as Q5 but it might in Q4. It means nothing that it was Q5 last year

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      I think revolutions have a strong chance of coming up in Q5 as well as the Cold War crisis for Q6 D, does anyone have any predictions for Q4 or Q6 A??

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      in reply to HRCstudent3690 just in case you didnt notice in my statement i said quote: 'Possibly'. Not saying it is for certain. People on Studyclix are open to their opinion and experience. We are trying HELP each other not critisize

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      Thanks! I've heard a lot of predictions of Q5 being either explorations or revolutions!

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      renaissance painter OUTSIDE italy, Archaelogist at work, named revolutionary leader, factoryy/mine owner,monk in early christian ireland,named religious reformer,named leader on voyage during age of exp.,ancient civilisation outside ireland ... and id also know the rennaissance andww2 for q6

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      dont rule out columbus and luther

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      In reply to,Danc7223, did monk in early Christian not come up last year??

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      aishling gordon

      Revolutions and Renaissance

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      Study ur essay on and Acient civilisation outside of ireland ,(Egypt or Rome). For world war know about the cold war crisis ,(cuban missile crises )/ ans it has not come up in two years,.Irish history learn the 1916 rising ,the emergency and the inter party governmentt. Renaisance learn notes of Da vinci ,thse are what have not come up in two years sum 3

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      Will I be ok with just: George Washington, someone living in rome, archaeologist, plantation and leonardo davinci?

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      PIH- An archaeologist and a monk are due to come up for (A) and for (B) a named superpower :)

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      @procrastinator - I'd say so

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      Every second year Planter and George Washing comes up but this year everything is changing so learn a good few because from my knowledge for honors irish poetry grá came up every year expect for this year. So i learned both of them and did mindmaps for the rest. You don't have to do the mind maps, just go over them. Best off luck

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      Everything's changing this year? Not really...

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      yes sure look at leaving certs seamus heaney didn't come up.

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      and I mean in predictions not for courses

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