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    People in history and Q6 cole.oconnor.77

    Need help what are people study for mocks

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      for the actual junior cert the two most expected are (going by patterns)

      1.monk in early christian monastery


      the next 5 are in no particular order.

      3. age of exploration

      4. lord and lady of a medieval castle.

      5. plantation settler who GAINED land.

      6. superpowers

      7. farm labourer in the agricultural revolution.

      the rest are also fairly expected to come up.

      8. named religious reformer

      9. renaissance painter outside italy.

      10. a leader in a revolution

      11. serf in a medieval manor.

      12. kngiht in a medieval castle

      hope it helps in not learning ones that most likely wont come up! and you will ne almost certainly covered with these. :)

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      Battle of Britain, D-day landings, Invasion of Russia, How Hitler established a dictatorship, Reasons why Hitler was appeased, Anschluss, The holocaust.....for 6d, think for 6A going to look at ancient Ireland first

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