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    Plandations VampireBlue1234

    I have a test in History on the Plandations. What do I need to learn? Especially with essays and the layout of them. THanks

    P.s - Doing HL

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      OH i already done that when i was in 3rd year

      its easy

      just jot down the main points of plantations like how it began what year what heppend who was it by?

      ''eg elizabeth what did she do during plantations.

      If you know the points, then you can easily develop them

      I did the same I got B :)

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      Cool, thanks what Essays can come up??

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      is it on plantations?

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      i guess theres usually choice between diff essays but sometimes its no

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      nd yeh m the same person (lol)

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      mostly revolutions so focus on those as well but take a look on plantation as they can ask you about one person in history who brought plantation to ireland. you know short questions and documentery so i would advice focusing on these topics

      ( see the pervius exampapers you'll see the pattern of long questions ....

      I always do this way well sometimes ..... :)

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      Know the results of each one especially overall results e.g. Political: Conflict between Catholics and protestants over land + religion etc.

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      Thanks guys I did great!

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