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    Q 6 SarahLFitzharris

    whats best to study havent a clue about international relations in the twentieth centuary :L

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      International relations consists of...

      *Results of WW1 / Treaty of Versailles

      *Dictators (Hitler, Mussolini) / Pre-WW2

      *WW2 and Holocaust

      *Cold Wars

      Make sure you know 1/3 of the Cold War crisis's cause they come up often and didn't come up last year so they probably will this year. WW2 is very important. Those are the 2 most important topics. Look at the past exam papers and see which essays have come up. Common ones are Battle of Britain, Holocaust, D-Day landings etc.

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      aishling gordon

      A crisis came up last in the cold war as a PIH so may come up on section 6 this year

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      Mussolini is being backed to come up in 2014

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      Do you mean as a long question

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      As part of Q6 International Relations

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