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    Some Advice hamzamughees

    Junior Cert History (HL) structure...

    Question 1 (Picture questions):

    This is a good opportunity to pick up marks as the answer will frequently be in the picture. Examine the picture very closely - the answer will often be obvious. Fill in all the blanks as you will not be penalised for a guessed attempt.

    Question 2 (Document questions):

    Once again, there are handy marks available here - the answer is usually contained in the document. If you are having difficulty, simply re read the passage. You may be asked for your impression of the author or if the document is a primary or a secondary source. Be ready with words like ‘biased’ and remember there is no obligation to put the answer in your own words, so use the passage itself.

    Question 3 (Short-answer questions):

    There is a good choice here as you are marked on ten out of twenty, with 2 marks per question. Read through the questions and answer the ones you find easy. Then do a second sweep, answering as many as you can within the 15 minutes allocated. Make sure you attempt at least ten questions fully, as you won’t be penalised for an unsuccessful attempt.

    Question 4 (People in history):

    Here you are asked to write on a specific historical figure such as Columbus or Luther. You must choose one of three options from A and one of three from B. It does not matter whether you write creatively in the first person or not, what matters is that you make important points of information (at least eight to ten good points on each). Do not dwell too much on the early life of the person but get straight to the reasons why he or she had an impact on history.

    Question 5 (‘Difficult’ documents):

    For many students, this is the trickiest question on the paper. You are given a source of information and asked questions relating to it. Be very careful how you allocate your time within this question as the thirty marks are not divided evenly. This question always pertains to the parts of the course covered in second year.

    Question 6 (Long questions):

    This is the most important question on the paper and your performance here will contribute greatly to your overall grade, so treat it with great care. You have a choice of two questions from four, with each worth 30 marks. Read the options (A,B,C,D) very carefully and choose the two which will maximise your marks, taking account of all the components of each question. Do not begin a section in question six unless you are happy with the entire question.

    Be careful with your time allocation, as a frequent mistake is to write too many points for a section worth only a few marks. Remember that 4 marks requires two or three solid pieces of information.

    Note: This information is a copy from a document and is not written by me.

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      Hey guys,

      This information is written by my history teacher, Mr. Flynn, and I have just copied and pasted it to you guys as I found it pretty helpful.

      Hope this helps:]

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