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    What you's think? @ejmck123

    I thought is was all right. Nice titles also, but of course I was a stupid idiot and forgot to read questions properly and only realised at the end that I wrote about a factory worker instead of a factory owner.Hadn't enough time to change it but how'd you's all do?

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      I think Q1-3 were good. I think I got almost full marks in them. Short Questions I thought were harder than usual but I still think I managed to get 10 questions right

      For People in History, I think I did really well in A (Ancient Rome). For B (Factory owner), I wrote some of it about the Industrial revolution, and some about Life in Britain. Is it ok to write about either of them for that?

      I was happy with revolutions. I wrote on Reign of Terror in the French Revolution

      I answered 6A, 6B and 6D even though you only need to answer 2 because I had plenty of time and they mark your BEST 2 if you answer more than 2.

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      The first 3 questions were fine, I think I got full marks for it.

      For q4 it was strange that archaeologist didn't come up but it was okay because I learned A3 Irish landowner who lost land and I did question B1 on the factory owner.

      The revolution was easy I wrote the account on the effect the American war of independent had on France.

      For q6 I did part A and B

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      Question 4 B, I found hard because I did not prepare for any of them...I ended up doing the operation Barbarossa one, was ok, I think.

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      Oh, and for Q6 I did B and D. And for Q5 I did the reign of terror...

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      Q1-4 were very good. Q5 was so good bit off. Q6 was fine had to waffle a bit though.

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