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    Account/ people in history on George Washington embaela

    If anyone did their people in history on George Washington pls help me

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      George Washington became America's first president after the American War of Independence which he fought in.

      In 1775, fighting broke out between British troops and Americans at Lexington, near Boston.

      The First Continental Congress set up an army to help the people of Boston. They appointed George Washington as the army's commander-in-chief. The American army was not well disciplined. If Washington was to beat the well-trained British troops, his first task was to bring it under control. He executed soldiers who deserted and whipped those who disobeyed orders.

      In 1776, the Congress issued the 'Declaration of Independence'. However, at the same time, the war went badly for Washington. The British captured New York and Philadelphia.

      Washington and his soldiers had to spend the Winter of 1777-78 in a remote village named Valley Forge. There was little food and the army nearly starved. But Washington won the loyalty of his men by staying with them and sharing their hardships.

      Early in 1778, Washington heard that the King of France had decided to help the Americans in defeating the British. The French navy made it difficult for the British to bring fresh soldiers and more guns across the Atlantic.

      In 1781, Washington's army trapped a British army at Yorktown in Virginia. A French fleet stopped the British from escaping and had no chance but to surrender. This was the end for the British.

      In the Treaty of Versailles in 1782, they recognised the independence of the American colonies.


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      I was going to say at the end there with the "I",

      I got 20/20 marks for this people in history.

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      Thanks a lot!

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      How did u get 20/20 for that ? My account was 2 pg's and that's like 10 sentences

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      EA22 that was actually 1 and a half pages long. Plus here's some advice for you on that:

      I was told by an actual exam corrector by the name of (on Spurious that many students write way too long people in history essays. As long as you have the facts like mine above he said, you'll get your full marks.

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      Thanks for the advice , I'll do that in the summer exam and I'll see what I get

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      It was the Treaty of Paris that ended the American revolution not the Treaty of Versailles, this was used after World War 1 in the attempt of kepping future peace. All in all we know this was a fail. Thanks for sharing your work by the way. I tend to mix and match trying to find the best but most effective points to use in my essays.

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      Oh it was also the 3rd of September 1783 not 1782

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      How did he not correct me for them mistakes then? (I see that they're wrong) :confused:

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