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Accounts help!!!!
Emily_4993 Junior Cert History — 11/06/16 5

I have a really bad history book and it doesn't give the information needed for accounts. In question 6 I can only do A and C because we skipped everything else �� Does anyone have any sample account answers for question 6 A or C or for the accounts for question 5?

Summer25301 — 10/06/16
i dont have any sample answers soz but it looks like famine industrial rev or agricultural rev for Q5 but that could be totally wrong
helpme101 — 10/06/16
Q6A looks like it will be middle ages or renaissance but i do Q6D we skipped over social change if you still want some samples answers for 6A I can post them ??
asd789 — 10/06/16
yes please, would you please post the sample answers for Q6A
Emily_4993 — 10/06/16
Could you please?
helpme101 — 11/06/16
I'll do them on a new post
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