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    Answers short questions Jack_6934

    Discuss what everyone got for short questions?

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      (i) Aerial Photographs, Old maps / legends

      (ii) This was the way that they obtained their food. Hunting wild animals and gathering hazelnuts and berries in the forests

      (iii) Portal Dolmen / Passage Grave / Court Cairn

      (iv) Decline of paganism / Monastery Building

      (v) Set examinations to ensure that each guild member was skilled at their trade. / It fixed wages and prices. / Made sure that each product sold was of a high standard. / Gave financial help to sick guild members and to the families of dead members. / Might have set up schools for the children of guild members.

      (vi) Roman Ruins in Italy such as the colosseum inspired some Italians to learn more about Ancient Rome. / The Italian language is based on Latin (the language of Ancient Rome.), this made it easier to study manuscripts of Ancient Roman writes like Cicero.

      (vii) Meant that books could be produced much cheaper and easier. / Allowed new ideas to spread, especially during the reformation.

      (viii) To spread their religion by converting the people of new lands to their religion. / To obtain the spices, slaves and agricultural land that new land would provide.

      (ix) The Aztecs in Mexico.

      (x) The period of time in France when thousands of people were executed under the order of the leader Robespierre despite not being trialled.

      (xi) A covenant signed on “Ulster Day” by about half a million people which promised that Home Rule would be opposed by force if necessary.

      (xii) The Irish Citizen Army was set up to protect workers who were protesting during the lockout.

      (xiii) 1- The British Government made the mistake of calling the Easter Rising Rebellion the “Sinn Fein Rebellion,” This made Sinn Fein very popular in Ireland. 2- Eamon de Valera was a much more radical leader than Griffith and was very popular with young people.

      (xiv) Fianna Fail.

      (xv) Grants were given to Irish farmers and businesses to produce more goods. / Grants and tax breaks were used to attract foreign industries.

      (xvi) Benito Mussolini.

      (xvii) When Nazi gangs attacked Jewish homes, synagogues and businesses. Ninety Jews were killed that night.

      (xviii) Operation Overlord was the code name for the Battle of Normandy, the Allied operation that launched the successful invasion of German-occupied Western Europe during World War II.

      (xix) Arlene Foster, Terrence O’Neil, Brian Faulkner etc.

      (xx) Containment: The American attempt to prevent the spread of communism after world war II ended. The Truman doctrine and Marshall plan were introduced in aid of this containment policy.

      CAP: This was the common agricultural policy of the European union which was introduced in 1962.

      Decolonisation: This is the break-up of colonialism, when colonies are granted some form of independence. Happened a lot from 1945 onwards when European powers became too weak to control their empires.

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      Hey, would you have the French listening and writing answers? Thanks

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      Someone posted the ones to the listening here ill add the link :

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      Thank you. Would u have the comprehension ones by any chance ?

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      @Shamsa.Shahid. I think these are all right :)

      2016 Junior Cert > French Comprehension Answers:

      1. (a) C

      (b) B

      2. (a) Cream

      (b) Wash the cherries in cold water

      (c) 20 minutes

      3. (a) Hamsters / Guinea Pigs

      (b) Open the cages

      (c) Because it has enormous eyes

      4. (a) Festival des Jeux

      (b) Carnaval de Paris

      (c) Fete de l’Agriculture

      (d) Fete des Lumieres

      5. (a) The toothpaste

      (b) On her mother’s chair

      (c) That it had snowed the night before

      (d) To sell the Eiffel Tower to America for 30 million dollars.

      6. (a) Try to get good sleep in the week before returning to school.

      (b) By preparing your bag and your school clothes the night before.

      (c) For being late to your first classes.

      (d) Take the opportunity to make new friends at break time.

      7. (a) 1:30am (I think that this is it but I’m not certain.)

      (b) He was quietly watching TV in his living room.

      (c) She got out through the window.

      (d) He was furious because the criminals had locked the basement.

      (e) She says she was lucky because the criminals did not discover her jewellery.

      (f) Because they saw the light on the ground floor. (even though people don’t break in if the lights are on but whatever…I still think this is wrong….)

      8. (a) She is greedy.

      (b) Her older sister.

      (c) She vacuums the living room.

      (d) She hopes that girls her age will like it.

      (e) Because she knows how to sing.

      (f) She went on boat rides on the lake every day.

      9. (a) (i) Father: Mechanic

      (ii) Mother: A factory worker

      (b) Twice a day.

      (c) (i) Spending time in night clubs with his friends.

      (ii) Having a little job / Part time job.

      (d) There was no elevator. / The heat was broken.

      (e) He takes his fishing rods and he pitches his tent near a river.

      (f) His yellow belt.

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      Thanks so much guys !!

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