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    causes of american revolution Sarah2014

    does anyone know what the causes of the american revolution and effects were? any good websites?

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      1: Many people thought it was ridiculous that a king 3,000 miles away from their country would decide all laws and rules

      2. Many educated people began to question the divine right of kings, which stated that the king was given power by god to rule.

      3.Due to mass immigration from various European countries, the people began to consider themselves "Americans" rather than British

      4.Westminster saw the colonies as a means of making money. The British placed a trade restriction on the the colonies called the navigation acts. The colonists were only allowed to sell products such as tobacco to the British at a low price. Also they were only allowed to buy tea and sugar from the British at a high price.

      5.People were sick of paying taxes such as the stamp act (tax on all legal documents) the quartering at (tax to keep the British army running in North America) and the townshend act (tax on everyday items such as tea)

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      thank you so much

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