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    choices. adamchoudhary02

    which two are best to pick for question 6.

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      Alex F

      A is really unpredictable and can be literally anything.

      Only do this if the topic is something you really know.

      B is always Social Change in Ireland.

      It's very hard to get full mark answers from this section as even though it looks simple like change in television but you can't waffle here. My advice is to avoid this like the plague, as my teacher said, "Section B is known the grade A pitfall trap"

      C is always Irish History

      It can be early or later, but hopefully early as that is the easier one.

      This can be a really nice topic to do, depending what comes up

      D is always International Relations

      This is very popular and gives you so much choice

      Be familiar with your topics here

      The Accounts are usually to do with The Superpowers or World War 2

      My final advice is to do C and D

      I did these for exam and I got the A, but the choice is down to you

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      Renitha R

      Thanks so much

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