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    Cuban Missile Crisis Aoife_9776

    Does anyone have a cuban missile crisis summary? I just find it really hard to understand. :(

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      You could always just study "Gandhi" instead. It is quite short and very easy to understand!

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      We haven't studied that yet and I don't think we're going to Laughterislife

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      well thn learn it urself at home

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      i mean learning about Mahatma Gandhi tht is

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      I think it would be easier to learn the stuff we did in class well rather than new stuff ajacob2013

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      yes but if u finf it too difficult just focus on something else

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      Quick summary to get all the marks (did this got 100% in test )

      Cuba ruled by Batista

      Taken over by communist Castro

      America refused to buy Cuban sugar

      Khrushchev buys sugar at inflated prices ( makes ally )

      CIA plans bay of pigs using Cuban refugees

      Plans leaked to Castro day before attack

      Refugees killed at bag of pigs

      Castro scared, agrees to let Khrushchev build missile bases on Cuba

      U2 spyplane catches pictures, John. F. Kennedy wants better pictures

      Sends pilot to get better pictures, told not to say he was shot at

      Gets pictures while shot at, tells people done by birds

      Kennedy issues blockade around Cuban waters and any missiles shot from Cuba act of war from U.S.S.R

      Ships carrying missile equipment to build missile bases turn around except one, won't answer any transmissions

      U.S ship with politician McNamara onboard tries intersepts ship

      Captain fires, McNamara freaks out, only starburst or warning

      Ship turns around

      Telephone line between Moscow and Washington set up

      U.S agrees to move missiles from Turkey

      Treaty against above ground nuclear testing signed

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      Your welcome

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