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French Revolution Person In History Anyone?
by crazyforfantasy Junior Cert History — 06/06/16 3

Hello everyone! I have all the People in History that I need apart from The French Revolution. If someone could share theirs with mine, i'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance!

sarahdaly7 — 06/06/16
For French Revolution u don't need one if u have already covered a named revolutary leader from another revolution as it always comes up as a named leader from a revolution
crazyforfantasy — 06/06/16
Yeah, I just know the french one more, was just looking for a sample answer. But now I might just learn off the American one .. Thanks!
FukDaJC — 06/06/16
@crazyforfantasy Type : Washington examit Into Google and you'll get a great answer
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