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    help!!!!!!!!! history is hard NRichardson24121999

    does anybody have any techniques to remember facts in history??? its coming up to mocks and im struggling to under stand anything!!! please help and thanks if you can

    :) :)

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      I find either flash cards or mind maps useful. I just keep trying to re-write mindmaps until i know everything :) You can make digital ones on or examtime >-<

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      I suggest make a history dictionary (using a small notebook) with all the key terms, people and dates inside. You would split pages into words that start with the same letter (like a dictionary) and at the back pages, have all the key dates. Then, just look over a few words once a day. This will help you remember facts and will get you prepared for the mocks.

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      thanks guys ......................... dazzla16 the dictionary tip is brilliant and so quick and easy to answer questions!!!!!!! :)

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      I'm glad it helped you :D

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      i have about 800 flash cards on the side of my table and whenever i come across a fact in history, i would always take it down and revise all of my flash cards before going to bed... Really really helps!!! i would recommend for you.

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      good ideas guys... thanks since doing these things my results have gone up by about 15% so thanks for taking ur time to help me


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      Having a personal interest in history is key to remembering the dates,places,people and events, you must want to learn

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