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    Help and Predictions for Question 6 of the Higher Level Paper. CXonor13


    I am just here to ask for some help and predictions of the Junior Cert History exam paper. I know I should not rely solely on predictions, but it is a good thing to know. I have already planned on my way in answering the paper (Short Questions and Source Questions first, then move onto Question 6 as it carries the most marks, and finally finish the remaining questions on the paper.) and am just looking for some help on what to keep my eye on, as History was my worst Mock result, merely only scoring a C.

    Thanks for the help! It is greatly appreciated. :)

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      i would definitely go for B,C or D as they are guaranteed. looking over exam questions, the 1916 rising and anglo-irish treaty havent come up since 2009 so they might stick that in, because its too obvious if they put in the 1916 rising next year and for question D i think many of the questions will be world war 2 orientated and a choice question on the superpowers, peace in europe, etc. will come up as peace has been kept in europe for 70 years

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      I think renaissance for 6(a)??

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