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Help me !! History JC , is it late to study now
Stargirl Junior Cert History — 21/09/16 2

Help me !! I'm doing history , is it late starting studying now, What kind of stuff is on the JC history What is it mostly based on What tips can I improve my history !!! PLEASE HELP !! THANK YOU FOR ANY ADVICE !!!!!!!

E.Devitt — 21/09/16
Its not even close to being too late. I'm now in sixth year so its nearly three years since I've looked at JC history but the study wasn't too difficult at all there isn't anything to understand its just learning. Ask your teacher how the paper is layed out. If I recall correctly then q5 is always a second year topic. The first half of q4 is first year and a bit of second year and the second half is the other bit of second year and third year. Good luck. May the odds be ever in your favour!
JCScenes — 21/09/16
Far too early. Sure, if you want to guarantee an A, go ahead. After the mocks is grand. Work in Exam papers. If you want a more stress free year, maybe in December/ January. No worries for now!!
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