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    hints or tips? Aineoc1

    hi guys,

    did any of your teachers give ye any tips/hints?

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      there is always a question on OS Maps and aerial photos and to know the case studies really well :)

      hope that helps

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      sorry I was thinking about geography! WW2 nearly always comes up and to read Q6 first and think about it

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      Regarding studying check past exam papers online and have a look, use mid maps, recite history facts out loud, use flow diagrams and ladders for showing different affects of something like a war. :)

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      Pictures/Documents - 11/15 of the marks for Documents are obtained directly from the documents so make sure not to miss any of those free marks. Also Pictures can give easy marks away too

      Short Questions - You only have to answer 10 questions, but do your best to answer as many as you can, even if you have no idea what the answer is.

      Q5 - A question from any 2nd year topic, again some marks are available directly from reading the document

      Q6A - A question from any 1st or 2nd year topic

      6B - Political change in Ireland 20th century - I haven't done this yet so can't help you here

      6C - Social change in Ireland 20th century - A short chapter but it's hard to get marks in this question

      6D - International relations 20th century - Based on everything from the end of WW1 to the Cold Wars. WW2 almost always comes up. Make sure to also learn about the end of WW1, facism/dictatorship, Hitler, Mussolini, Holocaust and Cold Wars

      You have to answer 2 questions from Q6

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