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    History Essay length? Thatboi

    Not sure what the minimum is as I do not want to spend too much time writing

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      My teacher always says write at least a page and a quarter, if you can write more and you have time though, you should! She corrects the exams every year and says that examiners are looking for 8 SRF's ( Significant Relevant Facts) BUT she advices to always put in 10 as you don't know which facts the examiner will accept. As long as you have the 8/10 the length shouldn't really matter as much!

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      it doesn't matter how long the essay is as long as it has 8/10 SRF's it doesn't matter.My teacher always says put down at least 10 SRF's.You don't get marked on how long the essay is only what related to the topic begin asked!

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      my teacher wants 20 SRFs but it depends on the length of the history essay or what you're doing. the topic i'm doing there is at least 20 SRFs so yeah

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