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    History essays and accounts Aisha_Senatour_123

    how many points do i need for essays and for accounts minimum to get full marks?

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      Michael archer

      10 points

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      Depends on the marks! Remember one relevant fact per 2 marks!

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      Always know that for 20 mark questions you subtract 4 marks from the marks as that is your overall mark (essay standard) and then divide those 16 marks by 2 to get 8 points. For 14 mark, 12 mark, and 10 mark questions do the same but subtract 2 marks as that is the overall mark for those marks.

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      I'd recommend including a smiley face and a nice note (e.g. "have a nice day!") for your examiner. it shows you know what you're doing. this is especially helpful for when the only thing you have written for your account is "Eamonn DeValera was a man who wore glasses." hope this helped xoxo - El Squarbo

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      just do it

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      DO NOT write have a nice day, they will think of it as some kind of a joke.

      instead just write 14 points for a 20 mark qustion cus thn if u get one fact wrong u might get marks for the etra fact tht u hav if its right

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      For people in history your meant to write 10 points

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      yes but if u get a fact wrong u cud get marks if ur extra point is write

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