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    history help??? katiec98

    i am so bad at history and i always fail even though i chose higher level(parents decision) can anyone help me to know what to study??

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      Q6 - You need to answer 2 of A, B, C, D so be familiar with at least 2 of the below

      For 6A, it's based on the 1st and 2nd year course. Renaissance, Reformation and 19th century Britain are most likely to come up this year

      For 6B, it's based on Social Change in Ireland in the 20th century. It's the smallest topic of all Q6 questions, but it is hardest to get the marks for. You only get marks for stating CHANGES.

      For 6C, it's based on Political Developments in Ireland in the 20th century. I don't like this topic tbh so I won't be doing it.

      For 6D, it's based on International Relations 20th century. This question is based on the results of World War I, Dictators/Pre WW2, WW2 and Cold Wars. WW2 and Cold Wars are very important for 6D

      Q5 - Age of Exploration or the Revolutions (American,french,irish) are most likely to come up. 19th century Britain might come up either

      Q4 - For Q4, Renaissance, Archeologist, Revolutions, Industrial Revolution and Plantations are important.

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      thank you so much you dont know how much you have helped me!! :D

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      you're welcome. Don't forget about Q1-3. For documents, make sure you get all the answers given ON THE DOCUMENT. For short questions, answer ALL 20 questions, even if you don't know them. The BEST 10 ANSWERS are counted

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