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    history mock tomorrow:( Clodaghxox

    ive my history mock tomorrow and my teacher kind of gave us a few hints on it....does any one know where I could get a kind of long answer question on a minor or a textile worker because she told us this might come up as a long question and I want to be prepared:) thanks:) :)....

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      no but the question is sort of phrased like describe the working conditions of either of them. and then living conditions at that time. know home rule crisis-- I took a blank!! something to do with when de Valera was in power. the people in histories I did was A person living outside of ancient Ireland and a planter in a named plantation. good luck I was pretty happy how it went

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      thanks a million:)

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      ur welcome I did ancient rome

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      yeah ill be doing that aswell:) does anything come up about the holocaust or the berlin blockade??

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      sonia15 is there a lot from the first year course on it?

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      yes there is a lot of short questions on first year and a bit on second year. We haven't done that if it does come up you have a choice.

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      what were the other options for question 4 people in history ?

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      11ND - CCM

      Mine were a supporter of a revolutionary leader, a planter, a Neolithic farmer and and a medieval monk. That's all I can remember :)

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