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    History notes/help Yinka2016

    Anyone need help or notes for history

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      You should study results of the famine on Irish society. Have a few points other than emigration and death (e.g. end of subdivision)

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      I'd also suggest people focus on the war if independence and 1916 rising as it is very likely that it would come up

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      industrial revolutions -housing and diet, education, please

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      contrasting industrial england and rural ireland please

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      Sorry for delayed reply..

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      •The houses of the working class were grouped together in slums

      •Some were built back to back,with cellars that were flooded in the winter

      •one-story houses had ill fitting planks and broken windows,the outside walls had no cavities to keep the cold out

      •the houses had no indoor toilets or piped water

      •the toilet and water pump were in front yard and shared by everybody

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      1)main streets were paved

      2)street cleaning was improved

      3)iron and steel water pipes were introduced

      4)regulations were brought in for better construction of houses

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      -working class children usually did not go to school

      -some went to Sunday schools.These were usually run by religious groups whom set up free classes

      -often up to 400 boys were taught by one master

      -children of the rich had private tutors

      -Boys from rich families went to public schools

      -middle-class boys went to grammar schools.they were taught greek,latin and how to speak publically

      -Discipline was very harsh

      -government took very little interest in education

      -factory acts read that children should get some schooling but this proved futile as it was ignored by employers.They believed that children would get dangerous ideas and that it could lead up to a rev.

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      The difference between the rich and poor could easily be derived from food:

      1)We(the Irish)were the lowest rung of the social ladder as we solely had potatoes

      2)The class above us had porridge,cheese and the common potatoes

      3)The class above this had meat in the form of a small piece of bacon with potatoes

      4)The upper class had a plentiful supply of good food(fish,beef,soup,plum cake)

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      I hope these notes are of benefit to you Jenny ;)

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      A Farmer in pre-Christian Ireland (start)

      I am Fionn(remember no marks are rewarded for names)

      Like most people in Celtic Ireland,my family and I make a living out of farming(good way to start as it shows you understand the general standard of people)

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