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    does anyone have any good history notes on plantations and all revolutions please

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      American revolution- based on George Washington

      The first shots were fired in Lexington in 1775

      The British fought through to Concord but were pushed back to Boston

      Around 300 'Redcoats' were killed


      Battle of bunker hill - the first major battle fought

      Boston- Washington forced the British out of Boston

      Canada - he then ordered the invasion of Canada but it failed

      New York - he failed to hold New York

      Trenton - Washington crossed the Delaware River at night on Christmas Day and he defeated the British

      Princeton - he next surprised them in early 1777 and won

      Saratoga- general Horatio Gates forced the British to surrender

      Philadelphia - just before the winter of 1777 Washington failed to stop the British capturing Philadelphia- the capital

      Yorktown - final battle

      Winter of 1777- valley forge

      The Americans spent the winter in Valley Forge.

      The British wintered in Philadelphia, where they had parties and gambled.

      The American Army was in a bad way, disease and desertion meant the numbers and morale were low.

      Washington stayed with his troops and he spent the winter training the men, with the help of a Prussian officer - Von Steuben.


      With the newly trained American Army and help from the Spanish, Dutch and French the war turned in America's favour.

      Washington defeated General Cronwallis (British Leader) at Yorktown on 19 October 1781.

      The war was over. The British signed the Treaty of Paris in 1783', America was now independent.

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      Eve smith

      thank youuuu

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