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    History Predictions for tommorrow carolinaaplasencia

    what do you think about these predictions and which one should I leave out or add?

    Question 4. Things to learn for people in history:

    A person living in Rome in Ancient Times.

    A person living in Pre-Christian Ireland (Neolithic People)

    An explorer

    Martin Luther.

    A monk in an early Christian Monastery.

    A farmer during the Agricultural Revolution.

    A factory owner during the Industrial Revolution.

    Question 5. Sources and Question

    Important Topics:

    1916 Rising.

    American War of Independence.-

    Read over France and Irish War of Independence.

    Who were the United Irishmen? What were their aims?

    Impact of American War of INdependence on France.

    Plantations- why they began ?

    Effects of Ulster Plantation.

    The Council of Trent.

    Difference between the luthers beliefs and catholic church.

    Reasons for the famine and causes. What did the British do to try to help.

    Question 6.

    Age of Exploration.


    Why it took place.

    Main effects of voyages of exploration.

    Hernado Cortez and the conquest of the Aztecs.

    The middle ages page chivalry jousting dubbing.

    Duties of lady of the castle

    Training of a medieval craftsman

    Celtic Ireland - Housing , Food and Clothing

    C. Civil War

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      Famine I think may come up for 5

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      Industrial Britain, Rural Ireland is likely to come up for Q5

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