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    HL question 5 and 6A Amy roe

    just wondering if anyone has any predictions for question 5 and then 6a

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      For question 5, a lot of people are saying that age of exploration of will come up. Since it comes up every 5 years

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      David Connolly 123

      Question 5 definitely the Age of Exploration. As for question 6A, I think the Plantations might come up, it hasn't appeared there for years.

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      Has the plantations ever come up for a q6a ?

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      Amy roe

      So is it unlikely for Columbus to come up in the people of history question

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      David Connolly 123

      Last time Plantations came in Question 6A was in 1999 :P

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      Exploration came up 6a last year and plantations was q5 in 2013 so they are really teacher said Renaissance or reformation for 6a and industrial England and rural Ireland for 5

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