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    how did history go? Anna34xo

    thought it was mehh, i found the industrial revolution the hardest

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      I didn't know anything in A and was forced to wright about monk in an early Christian monastery.. Instead of monk in medieval monastery.. Do you know how many marks I would loose for that

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      i think you'd wouldn't get any marks that happened to me in the mocks

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      I did the monk in a medieval monastery but couldn't think of a name of a mediveal monastery is clonmacknoise okay

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      The industrial revolution was impossible😭

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      Loved it

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      That was piss hahah I just did the agricultural account and talked about Charles Townsend robert bake well and jethro Tull and all

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      Question 5 was surprisingly difficult, people in historys were good COLUMBUS CAME UP! Eh what else picture & document questions were mainly easy but like they weren't as easy as other years.

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      I thought the Q6's were kinda scab tbh haha

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      i found it really hard :(

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      Thought the doc questions were ok but they were a lot more difficult than previous years

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      annaaaaa!!!! :) ;)

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      History is a load of bollox. Not even an option for senior cycle in our school so nobody bothers trying for it :P

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      Haha, no point there, jack.

      I was prepared for Q4, however the reformation in 6A , for the accounts, I only studied the counter reformation... I think I lost like 20 marks guys. ;-;

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      If u said the counter reformation and explained it well on the account on the impact of the reformation on mainland italy. U wud have gotten full marks

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      *europe not italy

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