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    How did the test go? needhelp101

    I studied early christian Ireland not medieval monk. I didnt know the others so i was forced to write about monk in early christian ireland. Also I dont know the politicians, I guessed Churchill and francais. I didnt know literally any of the inventors, I guessed. So I think I did worse than usual. How did anyone else find it?

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      An Easy Exam.

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      L Maeve

      It was pretty well predicted with the industrial revolution and the reformation so I was pretty happy with Q5 and Q6A.:)

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      It was very hard

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      I did the same I was forced to write about monk in early Christian Ireland so that messed me up and I only knew one account for 6d and had to kinda guess the other one 😭

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      Does anyone know how many marks you'd loose if you wrote about monk in early Christian Ireland instead of monk I'm monastery?

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      you won't get many marks because they're both two different time periods, but some facts are the same so id say you got half marks?

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      It was hard. What was X?

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      X was Bailey.

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      L Maeve

      I thought it was a bawn because it was plantation times?

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      Not great. I'm not planning to continue with history for lc anyway so I don't mind! Even though I studied loads but I studied the wrong thing for everything!

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      I honestly thought it was harder than Maths. :/ Even though I studied, everything I did study didn't come up. Q6A was horrible.

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      Killian Wallace

      Who were two leaders I guessed Churchill and Stalin

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      Churchill Stalin and Truman

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      I found it really hard

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      Anyone do question 6c on WW 2? how did you find it. A bit different than other years? yep the bailey was a right unpleasant was the Yalta conference... churchill, stalin, roosevelt ,i think

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      The paper wasn't too bad all the people in history questions i learnt came up. I only knew one account in 6d so I had to waffle my way through it 😂😕😕 anyone else thought that the first document was hard to understand?

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      which accounts did you do? i think i might have missed a part of the question.

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      I think i missed a part. what accounts were bwe asked to write in question 6 d

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      just looking through this then remembering I answered containment wrong instead of writing stopping the spreadof ommunism I wrote about the policy of appeasement.

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      Noah Thomas

      I had the same experience with the monk :) I just didn't include some facts and added some in, mainly I was following the Celtic time, but changing some words and jobs and that sort of thing.

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      Noah Thomas

      @annie1996 I did the same thing too for the Inter-Party Government! I don't even know if half of what I wrote is from that time or from a different time a few years later! :)

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      it went so much better than i thought it would.

      What People in History's did u go for?

      I went with renaissance artist outside of italy and the leader on a voyage one.

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      Noah Thomas

      Monk and Explorer, did Columbus. Though, I said he set sail in 1452! I couldn't remember the dates :)

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      Can there be Viking attacks in a medieval monastery ??

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      Noah Thomas

      Ummm...maybe... depends on the location! :)

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      omg , i'm crying now , i lost like 40 Marks on that test because i read question 6 wrong and only did one account instead of two and i totally messed up my essay on a medival monk :( i'm in years

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      Was the bailey marked x in the picture question

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      Think so it's what I said

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      @zuziiik dont worry one question 6 account is only worth 10 marks

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      I didn't even know there was a difference between the medieval monk and the early Christian one ... Only realized I messed up that whole essay after I came home. The sheer heartbreak

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      Did you have to write two accounts for the last part of question 6 D ?

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      i thought that churchill was mussolini as he wore the mussolini hat!

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      They deliberately made q6A really hard because they wanted everyone to do 1916 because of the centenary

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      yh ikr part a was so bad i did c and d and loved those ones

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      @BenMartin I picked the same as you. Durer and Columbus.

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      @No11 Yes you had to write two accounts. Options were Battle of Britain, Fall of France, and War in the Pacific. I picked Battle of Britain and War in the pacific. Easy questions lol

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      If you answer more than 10 short questions but get a few wrong, do they take your best ten or do they take into account the

      ones that are wrong?

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      @Pouletimere They will take your best 10.

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