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    I'm going to fail help Help!!!!!!!!

    I haven't studied for history and there's a day left... I don't know any thing... Any suggestions on how and what I should study today???

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      Focus on the people in histories especially Martin Luther and the plantations and a named civilisation outside of Ireland (Rome) know first and second year history well.

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      Questions 1 and 2 can't really be studied for, with the exception of a few small questions which aren't worth many marks.

      I'd practice a good few Q3s and notice any patterns/really common short questions, as you only need to answer 10 (any more are a bonus!).

      Question 4 is extremely important because the answers you plan for this can also be shortened and used as accounts in questions 5 and 6 if they come up.

      To optimise marks in question 6, I'd focus on the sections that come up every year. Part B - Social Change is generally badly answered, so I'd focus on (C) and D(D), particularly as it's the centenary of the Rising and information for C could pop up throughout the exam. Good luck!

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      Thank you both so much!!

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