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    im not keeping history on next year...but do i study it for the JC still? lisah

    our history teacher keeps telling us to study but im not keeping on history for 4th year....if i study it would be a waste but if i dont i'll let down mt teacher and family...

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      11ND - CCM

      I would say you should study history. Even if you think now that you won't, I wouldn't rule out any possibilities, and it's better to have the option, and perhaps regret it later. Anything could happen.. I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket :) also, you shouldn't worry about letting your family down as such, just don't let yourself down. That's the worst thing you could do :) do some study too hard for, but get some done

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      I think you should still study for History. Even if you don't want to do History next year, study a bit of it. Don't waste all your study time on History though! :)

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      thanks :)

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      Your welcome! Good luck

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