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    Irish history serena1411

    My history teacher is not going to get Irish history finished !Will I be able to avoid it in the exam or will I try to do it myself (I'm keeping on history for Lc)

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      Irish history comes up in question 6c every year! So you could avoid it in that! But it will come up in short questions, possibly picture questions!! Also this is in 100th anniversary of 1916 so I say it will come up slightly more!! It's really not that hard though I would study it if I were you get a revison book!n

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      thank you

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      If you study the plantations in Ireland and political devoplments then you'll be fine cause that's what their mainly focusing on this year xx

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      Michelle Uwakk

      My history teacher said that for question 5 whats coming up is SOCIAL CHANGE IN BRITAIN AND IRELAND.

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      Michelle Uwakk

      That is for junior cert

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      thanks lads and i am in junior cert

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      question five can only be from second year history and social change is in the third year course

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