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    Is it worth learning Christopher Columbus? William_9381

    Is it worth learning him? Also revising monk in a christian monastry but not sure if they're gonna come up. Any help?

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      My teacher said that they are more than likely not going to come up this year as they came up recently enough so I'm not gonna study them :) but if you want her predictions let me know :D

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      Thank you :) what did your teacher say was going to come up?

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      No problem:) she thinks that

      1=person/farmer from Ancient Ireland stone ,Bronze or Iron Age

      2=person/child/solider/slave/from a civilisation outside of Ireland eg Romans , Greeks

      3=knight from medieval times of Middle Ages

      4=Renaissance painter IN Italy eg Leonardo da Vinci

      5=reformer eg Luther

      And it's very important to know the reformation including all the key terms like the abuces and to know the Jesuits and John Calvin in smaller detail

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      If you want any notes or any help with any of the terms of if you don't understand anything let me know :) I have them all out 🙂

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      Oh and know your factory worker and the famin Caus the reformation and the famin are a possible Q5 this year

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      -ARTIST (Renaissance)


      That's what my teacher told us.

      And rural Ireland/industrial England or Reformation for Q.5

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      Are those people in history from a and b ?? @kmoran01

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      Michelle Uwakk

      Is a lady or a monk in a medieval castle likely to come up?

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      I heard something about 1916 rising because it is 100 years since 1916?

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      Hey makeuplover, could we get them notes please?

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      monk and cristopher columbas are almost promised to be coming up!!!

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      what would you talk about for artist in italy / da vinci? his paintings, techniques, dissections, drawings, would you include any of the other stuff he did like designing moveable bridges ect.?

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      I know why Christopher Colombus, but why is a monk almost certain to come up?

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      @predictionsaf is a monk in part A of the PIH and is colubus in part B ?

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      hey guys do Ye want the notes ???

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      For the painting techniques during the Renaissance you would say that perspective was used and that paints became more real because ppl studied athmony and stamata (shading) was used to make paintings more realistic and that they were painted on canvas not wood and oil was used insed of berries

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      Angel Oyedoh

      yes, I want the notes please Makeuplover_01^^

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      Now you know, the answer is yes. Christopher came up today.

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