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JC Q5+6 predictions
Orlamariaflanagan Junior Cert History — 14/06/16 7

Anyone have any predictions for junior cert history higher level question 5 and 6?

— 08/05/16
in q6 im only revising social change 20 century and irish politics 20th century the 3 chapters they always com up and q5 is always 2nd yr history
conorbrennan — 09/05/16
good idea
Jordan50 — 09/05/16
q5 reformation or famine
jessxox114 — 09/05/16
In Question 5, the top 5 most popular topics that have come up in the last 10 years (in order) are 1. Plantations:politics, 2. Plantations:Religion, 3.Plantations:Culture language and customs, 4.Reformation:Council of trent, 5.Reformation:Jesuits Question 5 is ALWAYS second year history Question 6 will more than likely have one or more aspect of the cold war as it tends to usually do, hope this helps :)
mcmahon50 — 10/05/16
irish history, ww2/ cold war, reformation, renaissance and exploration come up a lot. irish history and ww2/ cold war are pretty much guaranteed. good luck in june!
kmoran01 — 14/06/16
Predicted People in History: Martin Luther, Magellan/Columbus, Factory worker/Miner, Ancient Rome/Ireland, Renaissance Artist, Knight/Lord/Lady, Monk (Christian/Middle Ages), Craftsperson:D
ava.mcgurran — 14/06/16
And a person who lost or gained land during the plantations for people in history that comes up nearly every year
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