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D1380 Junior Cert History — 25/05/18 18

my and my history teachers predictions for question 4, 5 and 6 4: Rome Martin Luther Magellan/Columbus Early Christian monk Renaissance painters (Leonardo da Vinci) Industrial revolution Q5 Reformation (especially counter reformation) Famine Industrial revolution ( housing and diet, health and leisure, and education) Plantations (culture and customs, religion) Q6 Middle Ages (serf, lady of a castle and craftsman) Renaissance (science and medicinem architecture and printing) Revolutions (causes of American war of independence, reign of terror and reasons for failure of 1798 rebellion) Once again, plantations might come up here

M.P.E.T.S.S. — 14/06/16
Thanks These will help a lot
D1380 — 14/06/16
no problem ! if anyone has any more predictions please post below !
jenny_1000 — 14/06/16
what kind of qs could come up for the famine
Beckamulhall — 14/06/16
This is really helpful thank you!!
Anna34xo — 14/06/16
Gandhi could also come up in the people in history's ^^
Readelly2251 — 14/06/16
results of the famine is a possible account for 5C
ronanmurray — 14/06/16
Is Michael Collins gonna come up in 4B
Oisink — 14/06/16
what about 1916 rising??
ronanmurray — 14/06/16
4 C almost 100% certain
Oisink — 14/06/16
what chapters would u recomend me studying since i have ran out of time and exams tmrw ?
Anna34xo — 14/06/16
WWII , Irish history , Famine and Middle Ages I'd say Oisink^^
D1380 — 14/06/16
learn WW2, reformation, Renaissance and Middle Ages OisinK ^^
D1380 — 14/06/16
and maybe famine
Oisink — 14/06/16
Thanks Anna43xo nd D1380
Theresa_3825 — 14/06/16
So if plantation came up in q5, you only need the results?
Bondfamily1 — 21/05/18
reformation came up last year for q5 so it definitely wint be on it this year
Dara_fitzy — 22/05/18
plantations will be come up for q5. question 5 has a pattern
Pptt2002 — 25/05/18
A revolutionary leader might come up as well hasn't come up ina while
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