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    My predictions HISTORY BearGrylls

    For Q4 Early Christian Ireland should be studied as it has been 6 years since being in Q4. Ancient Civilisation may come up, Just go over it in case. Christopher Columbus honestly I feel as if it will be not even in the exam as it has in the past 3 years. Learn yer Martin Luther (Reformation). Learn ze famine. & just go over industrial revolution may or may not come up but theres a chance. Just watch some people are puttin bull predictions dont believe everythin, but these are my honest predictions. Don't blame me if im wrong lol you listened so.Just wing it aye. Oh 1916 i would just learn the easter rising. And george washington could come up again this year, it happens alot with same q4 2 years in a row.

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      cheers fam

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      Oh yeah learn a Renaissance Artist too

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