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Neolithic people please help��
by vilau Junior Cert History — 08/11/16 3

1.Why were the Neolithic people well organised? 2.Why were the Neolithic people great builders? 3.Why were the Neolithic people astronomers and mathematicians? 4.Why were skilled craftsmen? 5.Why did they had a religion?

EA01 — 24/10/16
Is this based on the Newgrange passage tomb case study ? In my book, it lists everything you said but it does not give any reasons.
roro123 — 24/10/16
I don't know exactly "why", but its more that this can be seen in new grange. It can be seen through the building and the roof box.
adamchoudhary02 — 08/11/16
you dont need to know the "why" for this short chapter just learn the facts and practice exam papers!
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