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    Not finished the course ? :( Advice k_10

    We haven't finished the course in history yet, and I have noticed that we have not done a huge section, the Irish history . We'eve only done up to the Partition yet, nothing beyond that... I have no idea what to do and my mocks are coming up. Don't think I will be able to cover all of the chapters from Irish independence 1921-2000. Any ideas what would be the main events I should learn about from those chapters ? Than You so Much !!

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      The ReviseWise book is very helpeful as it covers all the main points.

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      definitely revise wise if your book has key point summaries some of them are really good and give a good break down of the chapters! best of luck!

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      thank you !!

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      Look at the exam questions and take note of the patterns of the questions that are asked! If the same type of question/context comes up take note of it and learn that off at least

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